Qamishli celebrates Kurdish Language Day

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Qamishli, Syria– On the anniversary of the Kurdish language, 15th of May, Syrian Kurds are enjoying an unprecedented opportunity to learn their mother-tongue academically after breaking the constaints and restrictions imposed by the ruling pan-Arab Baath party over decades in Syria.

 The recently established Kurdish Language Institute in Qamishli announced the graduation of a new group of Kurdish learners. The institute, founded along with other similar Kurdish language centers in different areas of the Kurdish region in Syria, provides Kurdish courses for residents in the frame of reinforcement of the Kurdish language after a prohibition by the Assad regime for more than four decades.

Hundreds of residents granted certificates of Kurdish language after following intensive courses in the institute.

The celebration of the Kurdish language Day this year was distinctive in comparison with the previous years –when the language was being taught in secret, avoiding security dangers. A number of new graduates celebrated with their teachers who have voluntarily devoted their time to teach their peers Kurdish writing skills.

“Today, we are proving that the Kurdish language is still alive despite all the chauvinistic policies led by the tyrant pan-Arab regime to abolish and obscure our cultural identity through prohibiting our children from learning the language of their ancestors,” said Abdulsamad Hilbest, a teacher in the Kurdish Language Institute in Qamishli, during the celebration of the Kurdish Language Day.

According to Hilbest, in several Kurdish areas, northern Syria, the Kurdish language is being revived by those who are concerned with the emancipation of the Kurdish identity in Syria, which suffered a continuous persecution.

“It is true that the suppression prevented our children from learning academic Kurdish earlier, as we were deprived of our cultural rights in Syria, but now while the same oppressive regime is launching a  bloody war against civilians, we are evidently showing our will to live and revive our language and identity,” he told ARA News.

During the celebration, selected texts of Kurdish poetry and literature was read, and prominent literary figures in the Kurdish history were praised.

The institute announced also that Kurdish language courses will be continually taught ‘since there are residents who haven’t yet master the academic writing skills in Kurdish’.


Source: ARA News


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