Escalating clashes between Kurds and al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS near Syria’s Afrin



ARA News

Afrin, Aleppo, Syria − After fierce clashes with members of the al-Qaeda linked group of the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham (ISIS), the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) reportedly withdrew from several areas in Afrin’s suburbs, including the Kurdish village of Jumla in northern Syria. 

Over sever days, the suburbs of the Kurdish city of Afrin, north of Aleppo, saw continuous clashes between the YPG and ISIS fighters, especially near the town of Jinderis, media activists reported. 

“The ongoing clashes started after the YPG forces took over four tanks that had been obtained in their battle of Miningh military airport,”activists from Jinderis, preferred to stay anonymous, told ARA News on Thursday.

According to sources, the clashes prevailed to include the village of Iskan (15 km outside the city of Afrin), after the YPG withdrew from the village of Jumla.

As violence escalates in the region, medium and heavy weapons are being used by both conflicting parties, such as machine guns of Dushka and mortars.

In a linked context, activists from the nearby villages of Jumla told ARA News that dozens of fighters were killed during the clashes, as well as the wounded from both sides, without specifying exact numbers of casualties. 

The PYD-linked news agency of ANHA reported that the YPG forces accomplished remarkable progress against the headquarters of the al-Qaeda affiliated ISIS group in the village of Bana Qila near Jinderis town “and killed eight of ISIS members”.

ANHA said that more than 16 fighters from the ISIS were killed amid clashes with the YPG in Otma town, near Afrin. 

“ISIS headquarters near the town of Otma were also targeted by the YPG, causing a total destruction of the location, and killing and wounding dozens of ISIS members,” ANHA news agency, linked to the Democratic Union Party (PYD)−YPG’s political leadership− reported. However, no other sources could verify the news on the recent developments in Otma town. 

Meanwhile, the Popular Protection Units (YPG) confirmed earlier this week that its forces killed Prince Abdul Karim al-Imarati, one of ISIS (or Daash) leaders in Aleppo.


Report by: Jiwan Afrini

Source: ARA News


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