Head of KNC local council: Practices of PYD forces caused Kurdish popular anger in Syria



ARA News – Exclusive 

Amude, Syria − Marwan Hussein Abdi, the head of the local council of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC) in the city of Amude, told ARA News that the practices of the armed forces of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) raised a Kurdish popular outrage in Syria, adding that no efficient agreement was reached between the KNC and the PYD.

“The apology that was submitted by Aldar Khalil, leading member of the Popular Protection Units (YPG)−military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)− is not sufficient for there is no explicit reference to the party that ordered crackdown against civilians in Amude, when the YPG forces opened fire against Kurdish protesters, killing and injuring dozens end of July 2013”, Abdi said

“Aldar Khalil said that his party is not responsible for the lives of civilians in Amude, but the PYD and its forces of the YPG are to blame since they are the main party in power in the city, Khalil’s party (PYD) ordered the brutal crackdown against peaceful protesters in Amude,” Abdi said. 

“The situation in ‘Syria’s Kurdistan’ has reached a critical juncture in terms of the ongoing attacks by al-Qaeda linked groups against the Kurdish areas.”

Sherwan Ibrahim, the representative of the PYD in Europe, launched an initiative last month to resolve the current dispute between his party and the residents of Amude through negotiations between the PYD and the families of the victims who were killed when the YPG fighters opened fire against peaceful protesters in the city. 

“The initiative is a way to solution for the rifts between the residents and the PYD in Amude, but it remains a personal initiative by Mr. Ibrahim for reconciliation, thus its efficiency is not confirmed yet,” Abdi added.

According to Abdi, figures as Sherwan Ibrahim have good intentions to maintain the civil peace in Syria’s Kurdish areas and reinforce the unity of the Kurdish people in Amude city. “With such an initiative, Sherwan Ibrahim confirms his goodwill to reach a solution for the escalating rifts in the Kurdish areas, regardless of the partisan interests,” he said in an interview with ARA News

In response to a question on whether the initiative is a strategic or tactical change in the behaviour of the PYD, Abdi said that “it is a temporary tactical behaviour” linked to the PYD’s fight against radical battalions in Syria’s Kurdish region. “But we remain suspicious about the future of the area, and apparently the PYD forces cannot be easily trusted by the Kurdish people in Syria,” he said.

Abdi thinks that the local council of the KNC in Amude is very concerned with the “Kurdish public interest”. He believes that the pubic interest requires a considerable and special attention in terms of reconciliation. 

“Families of the victims should be compensated. To apologize does not mean that the YPG practices could be forgotten. The PYD and its forces are supposed to compensate those who were exposed to detention and threats, including the Kurdish political parties whose offices have been attacked by the YPG over the last few months,” Abdi said.

According to the head of the KNC local council in Amude, the families of the victims demand the PYD to provide information about those who gave orders to the forces to open fire against civilians end of June, 2013, and guarantee that all those involved will be punished “after a fair trial”.  

Abdi told ARA News that no remarkable change in the PYD strategy was seen so far, “which indicates the unwillingness to end the rifts”. 

“We hold constant contacts with the PYD leadership to reach an efficient agreement to guarantee the civil peace in the area, but the PYD’s intention to monopolize power in Syria’s Kurdish region remain an obstacle,” he added. “Their military wing (YPG) started to confiscate private property of the Kurdish displaced families, which confirms that no agreement can be reached amid such arbitrary practices.” 


Interview by: Zara Seida

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid) 


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