Kurds joining Syrian National Coalition ‘historical mistake’: Kurdish leader



ARA News- Exclusive

Abdulsalam Ahmad, the Co-chair of the Kurdish People’s Council of Western Kurdistan (Syria’s Kurdish region), said in an interview with ARA News that the Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) step of joining the opposition’s Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is a “political and historical mistake”, emphasizing on the Kurd’s right to have their independent political decision-making under the leadership of the Kurdish Supreme Committee (KSC)−coalition of several Kurdish parties led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD).

“The KNC was unable to play an efficient role in the Kurdish political scene in Syria. Its leadership tried to present the council as the only legitimate representative of Syrian Kurds, but with lack of popular support representation remains illegitimate except for certain Kurdish factions,” Ahmad told ARA News. “The KNC tried to accelerate the process of joining the Syrian Coalition only because of an expected U.S. strike against the Assad regime; however, the KNC was mistaken and its act could be considered one of the most erroneous and wrongful steps taken by a Syrian Kurdish political faction ever.”

Ahmad considered participation of the Kurdish National Council a “mistake” that may have “consequences” on all Syrian Kurds.

“The Syrian Coalition itself suffers from disputes within its ranks. Thus the unification between the coalition and the KNC is merely a unification between two fragile bodies and will lead to nowhere,” Ahmad added. 

According to Ahmad, the Syrian National Coalition does not recognize the Kurds as a nation with legitimate cultural and political rights. “They even look at Kurds as immigrants, not as a nation living on its historical land,” he said. 

Regarding the possibility of Ahmad’s People’s Council of Western Kurdistan to join the Syrian Coalition, he said: “We always support negotiations, but no convenient or joint basis between our council and the coalition yet to take such a decision. However, if we reach a political consensus and a common vision, we are willing to cooperate with any party that acknowledges our rights and demands.”

“Unfortunately, the Syrian Coalition deals with the Kurdish issue in Syria as a mere case of citizenship, denying the legitimate national, cultural and political rights of the Kurdish people; the fact which forms an obstacle between our council and the coalition,” Ahmad argued. 

Ahmad emphasized the importance of Geneva 2 conference to reach a political solution for the Syrian crisis. 

“All factions of the Syrian opposition should put the disputes and rifts aside at this moment to contribute to the success of the regime-opposition negotiations in the Geneva 2 conference,” he said.   


Interviewed by: Ahmad Shiwesh

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid)


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