UN to efficiently back Syrian refugees in Kurdistan Region



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Erbil, The Kurdistan Region − The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) in Iraq said Tuesday that its agency undertook the responsibility of accomplishing the infrastructure of the refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan before the onset of winter. 

Haiman Rashid, member of the UNHCR agency in Iraqi Kurdistan said that the agency asked the High Commissioner to assist the KRG in providing the Syrian refugees −who recently entered the region− with the necessary aid.

“We have asked the High Commissioner for Refugees through the Deputy General Representative of the commission Abdul Karim Gul to adopt the issue of accomplishing the infrastructure projects to the refugee camps,” Rashid said, adding that the UN showed willingness to support the completion of the infrastructure of the refugees’ camps, established recently near Erbil and Sulaimaniyah.  

Rashid added to ARA News that the financial allocations provided by the KRG cannot satisfy the urgent needs in the newly established camps “due to the considerably increasing number of the Syrian refugees in the Region”.

The Kurdistan Regional Government reportedly confirmed its need for support from the Iraqi Central Government and the International Community in this regard.

Some KRG officials held meeting with representatives of the Iraqi government and the UN Human Rights Agency last week, to receive potential guarantees of financial support regarding the mounting crisis of Syrian refugees in the Kurdistan Region. 

Over two years, the KRG provided Syrian refugees (mostly Kurds) with different kinds of support, including services in the established camps and founding primary schools, in order to keep the remarkably huge number of refugees under control. According to official records, the number of Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan exceeded 230,000 refugee, causing the Region a financial crisis according to activists. 


Report by: Kawa Isso 

Source: ARA News


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