Civilians receive medical aid by Kurdish Red Crescent north Syria




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Girke Lege, Hasakah, Syria− Amid the devastating war in Syria, the deteriorating humanitarian situation led a number of Kurdish doctors and civil activists to establish the Kurdish Red Crescent foundation in order to distribute the needed medical aid to the civilians in northern Syria.

A sever shortage of medicinal supplies was witnessed across Syria’s Kurdish areas before the establishment of the foundation, which took the responsibility of providing those in need with medical support.

The Kurdish Red Crescent is reportedly backed by the Iraqi Kurdistan, which regularly sends medical products and aid to Syria through the Barzani Charitable Establishment. According to informed sources, the Kurdish Red Crescent in Syrian has recently received a number of ambulance vehicles and various equipment from the Kurdistan Region to facilitate the foundation’s work and enable its staff to provide as much medical assistance as possible to the residents of different Syrian northern areas. 

“When clashes broke out between the Kurdish forces of the YPG and the Islamist fighters in Rumailan region, our work in Girke Lege city was limited to treating the wounded and provide a medical aid to the YPG fighters,” a member of the Kurdish Red Crescent told ARA News. “In periods when clashes are on hold, we take initiatives of distributing antibiotics, painkillers, anti-blood-pressure medicines and diabetes pills through our centres in the area, such as in Girke Lege and Chel Agha/Jawadiye.”  

Agid Ibrahim, member of the Kurdish Red Crescent, said that the Kurdish Red Crescent became better equipped with the continuous support of NGOs in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

“In order to fill the gap caused by the ongoing war and the sharp shortage of medical supplies as the main medical companies were closed in Syria, we are organizing our work to distribute medical aid to our centres at the beginning of every month, so that residents can resort to those centres to receive the supplies or treatment needed,” Agid said in an interview with ARA News. “The remarkable help coming from the Kurdistan Region helped us to run the foundation and carry out our work efficiently across the Syrian Kurdish areas over the recent months.”

Under the current poor humanitarian conditions, the establishment of the Kurdish Red Crescent in Syria was necessary “to help residents survive the deteriorating situation in the marginalized Kurdish areas north Syria”, activists said. 

The Kurdish Red Crescent was established in December 2012. It is basically staffed by a number of volunteers, specialized in the medical field.

“The Kurdish Red Crescent operates neutrally, independent of any political links, with a basic humanitarian principle to recognize everyone’s right to medical treatment when needed,” a medical assistant in Qamishlo’s National Hospital and member of the Kurdish Red Crescent added to ARA News.  


Report: Mir Yakoub

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid. Translation by: Rwaida Alharfoush)


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