Turkey seizes rocket warheads near Syria border



Turkish authorities on Thursday confiscated a large number of rocket warheads near the Syrian border, a local governor said. 

Acting on a tip-off, police stopped a truck in Adana, around 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the Syrian border, and seized 1,200 rocket warheads, governor Huseyin Avni Cos told NTV television. 

“We are investigating all the links,” he said. “We know that they were not going to be used in Turkey — most probably outside our borders but we don’t know where.”

The governor also said a number of people were detained in connection with the arms transport, without providing a specific number. 

The private Dogan news agency reported that in addition to warheads, the authorities also seized various weapons including rockets and bombs.

Turkey, which cut off ties with the regime in Syria since President Bashar al-Assad’s deadly crackdown on popular dissent in 2011, has backed the opposition fighting to topple the embattled leader. 

Ankara has repeatedly denied arming the Syrian rebels.


Source: AFP

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