Attempts to revive civil peace in war-torn Syrian Kurdish city



ARA News 

Sere Kaniye, Syria− In cooperation with the Kurdish Organization for Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD), the Kurdish National Council (KNC) organized an awareness campaign on basic human rights on Thursday in the city of Sere Kaniye/Ras al-Ain, northeast Syria.

The mounting violations of human rights in Syria gained an international attention over 33-months of conflict between the Assad regime and opposition groups. 

The city of Sere Kaniye, where Kurds constitute a majority, saw increasing violence and displacement of civilians, especially after attempts by Islamist fighters to take over the city for its strategic location at the Turkish borders, resulting in clashes with Kurdish forces who claim protection of Kurdish areas. Dozens of civilians fell victims of violence over months of conflict. 

The KNC’s campaign is reportedly aimed at reorganizing civil life in Sere Kaniye and raise awareness among civilians about their basic rights. 

The Kurdish council is organizing seminars to discuss several cases of human rights violations took place during months of conflict in the city, with an emphasis on the importance of setting plans and assigning specialized committees to avoid the recurrence of such incidents in future, according to the KNC. 

The arbitrary detention, the state of emergency, and the demonstrating decree 1963-2011, were among other topics discussed in presence of dozens of lawyers and residents of Sere Kaniye on a session held on Thursday. 

Luqman Ayana, a lawyer and head of the KNC’s local council in Sere Kaniye, told ARA News that the council is making considerable efforts to enhance people’s position regarding the ongoing happenings in the country, beside stressing the responsibilities of Sere Kaniye’s local authorities to maintain civil peace in the city. 

“Through this campaign, we basically aim to educate the residents of Sere Kaniye about the manners through which they can be active participants in preserving civil peace, especially after the bloody events that took place in the city,” Ayana said. “Our people have the right to enjoy peace and obtain their legitimate rights in accordance with the international conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. 

Several civil society organizations were established recently in Sere Kaniye in cooperation with some international NGOs to reinforce civil aspects in the city.


Reporting by: Ahmad Shiwesh. Contribution: Abdul Ilah Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

(Editing by: Adib Abdulmajid)



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