Pharmacies in Syria’s Kobane run short of medicine




ARA News 

Kobane, Syria− The ongoing war in Syria brought about various crises, especially in the Kurdish areas. High prices and lack of main medical drugs might be the most serious crisis in these areas at the moment.  

In the Kurdish city of Kobane, north Syria, the current shortage puts bigger burdens on the drug stores and pharmaceutical warehouses, which is basically caused by the siege imposed by the al-Qaeda affiliated group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on the city.   

Omar Yusif, a Pharmacist in Kobane, told ARA News that the current crisis in the country caused considerable constraints on the work of pharmaceutical warehouses.  

“Since the revolution started, agencies of the pharmaceutical companies stopped visiting the city. Therefore, we are forced into unusual manners to get the needed medical supplies,” Yusif said. “We still suffer a sharp shortage of medicines in Kobane.”      

According to Yusif, the lack of a supervisory authority led to remarkably rising prices. “People are unable to afford such prices,” he said.  “Sometimes we have to risk our lives and go to Aleppo or Raqqa in order to buy a limited amount of medicines.”

As for antipsychotic medications, Yusif confirmed the lack of such kind of medications in Kobane city at the moment. “In circumstances like this, where people suffer from anxiety and depression, we need sedative and anti-depression medications and other psychiatric medications, and their lack is a big problem and puts lives of many at stake.”  

Pharmacist Omar Yusif expressed his discontent about the siege imposed by the al-Qaeda-linked ISIL fighters on the city of Kobane, which denies them access to medicines and other basic supplies. 


Reporting by: Baran Misko

Source: ARA News


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