Syrian opposition agrees on joining Geneva peace talks



ARA News

Amsterdam, Netherlands− The Syrian National Coalition (for revolutionary forces and the opposition) decided on Saturday to join the forthcoming Geneva peace talks (Geneva II), which is planned to take place on January 22. 

In a meeting in Istanbul, the SNC took its decision to participate in the peace talks called for by the international community to reach a solution for the 34-months war in Syria. 

58 members of the coalition voted in favour for joining Geneva II. Only 14 members of the coalition voted against, while two others abstained from voting for the decision.

Reportedly, 9 members of the SNC will participate in the meetings in Geneva, next week. The delegation will be selected by all SNC members. 

On the other hand, the Syrian regime declared on Thursday its intention to join the internationally sponsored peace talks.

The coalition, which forms the largest umbrella for the Syrian opposition, was under pressure from the Arab and Western sponsors to attend next week’s peace talks, which will be opened Wednesday in Montreux, Switzerland.


Source: ARA News 


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