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Qamishli, Syria– Kurds in Qamishli city commemorated on Tuesday the 10th anniversary of the Kurdish “uprising” of March 2004 −which took place in most of the Kurdish areas, Damascus and Aleppo. 

The Kurdish Youth Movement (TCK) organized a ceremony in the office of the movement in Qamishli city, where speeches and poems glorifying the victims of the “uprising” of 2004 were given. The organizers also presented a documentary film about 2004 events. After the ceremony the Kurdish locals began a silent candle march to the graveyard of Hilelya district to put flowers on the graves of Ahmad Khalil Biro and Guevara Badran Khalaf, two victims of the “uprising”.

Locals commemorated the uprising by lightening candles on the sidewalks of the city roads and on the roofs of houses in most of the city districts. Kurdish enthusiastic songs were played.

Supporters of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) gathered in front of Qasimlo Mosque to commemorate the uprising as well. 

Diyala Othman, a local of Qamishli city, told ARA News that the significance of the Kurdish uprising of 2004 “lies in the unity of Kurdish people and their withstanding”.

2004’s uprising was a burst in the face of the tyranny and its henchmen, despite the suppression of the regime’s military forces,” said Othman. 

“For the first time in the history of this part of “Kurdistan” (in reference to Syria’s areas where Kurds constitute a majority), the Kurdish people sowed the seeds of martyrdom values and showed courage and objective understanding of the changes of the international circumstances,” she added. “They (Kurdish people) also showed their love for liberty and their rejection to oppression and dictatorship. Kurds sought to awaken Syrians and ignite a revolution in March 2004.” 

Political parties and civil groups organized a huge march on Wednesday to the al-Hilelya graveyard where the victims are buried.  

Residents of several other Syrian Kurdish areas also commemorated “uprising” of 2004. Kurds in Derik, Amude, Hasaka and other areas north Syria participated in the commemoration on Tuesday and Wednesday. 

The events of March 2004 started when fans of al-Fituwa football team −who came from Deir al-Zor city− attacked fans of Qamishli’s Jihaad football team in the city’s stadium, which resulted in the death of three children due to the jostling of the crowds. Upon arrival to Qamishli, the fans of Deir al-Zor city’s team had also raised photos of the Iraqi ex-president Saddam Hussein −who was toppled by the Americans in 2003− and insulted Kurds for the alleged support of the Kurds to the Americans in Iraq. The incidents were followed by mass demonstrations in most of the Kurdish areas in Syria, beside Aleppo and Damascus, resulting in the death of 40 Syrian Kurds and the injury of about 550 as the regime forces responded with opening fire against the angry crowds. More than 7000 were arrested on the background of the events, as the governmental and security buildings were attacked by the Kurdish crowds. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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