War and Pain: Kurdish artist launch exhibition in Syria’s Hasaka


ARA News

Hasaka, Syria– Within the activities of the cultural week in Cegerxwin Hall (organized by Kurdish Progressive Party in Syria) an art exhibition of the Kurdish painter Ahmad Akko was launched on last week in the city of Hasaka, northeastern Syria. 

Dozens of Akko’s paintings were presented during the exhibition, attracting many visitors to the Cegerxwin Hall for Kurdish cultural activities in Hasaka. 

Painter Ahmad Akko told ARA News that the significance of such cultural activities lies in the attempts to ease people’s anxieties “by helping them forget their everyday problems and the state of tension which they have to live due to the current war circumstances in Syria”.

من الأعمال المشاركة في معرض تشكيلي الحسكة بصالة الفنون الجميلة بحلب

Akko referred to the migration of a significant number of the region’s painters, “which led to a remarkable decline of artistic activities” in Hasaka province and “increased burden on the artists who chose to stay”. 

Talking about the exhibition and his own paintings, Akko told ARA News: “The exhibition is an expression of the artistic phase which I reached in terms of lining, colours and content of the paintings. Two essential elements of the Kurdish painting are spring and women, with remarkably bright colours,” Akko said.  

“However, the daily scenes of destruction and killing have a huge impact on artists as most of the paintings now contain scenes influenced by the reality of war, and most of the colours which we use now depict pain,” Akko concluded. 

من الأعمال المشاركة في معرض تشكيلي الحسكة بصالة الفنون الجميلة بحلب

Reporting by: Nisrin Ahmad

Source: ARA News


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