Hasankeyf… Kurdish historical treasure in danger


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Qamishli, Syria– In the framework of the cultural activities of Kurdish forums in the northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli, the Soparto Association Center launched on Thursday a photography exhibition to introduce the Kurdish historical town of Hasankeyf, in Batman province in southeastern Turkey, which is at risk of being flooded due to the efforts of the Turkish authorities to build a dam on the Tigris river near the town.

The exhibition showed photos of historical landmarks of Hasankeyf town with a written summary explaining each photo.

The exhibition −which continued on Thursday and Friday− included several photos of the historical castle, the town and its archeological sites.

Speaking to ARA News, The administrative officer of the Soparto Association, Adam Hussein, said: “As a result of the efforts of the Turkish authorities to build a dam on the river (Tigris) which the town of Hasankeyf overlooks, the archeological sites of the city will be flooded.

Hasankeyf is estimatedly three thousand years old and was home for Romans, Armenians, Byzantines, Persians, Muslims and later became part of the Ottoman Empire. The town was also the third capital of the Ayyubids Dynasty. 

“The Turkish authorities’ intention from building the dam is to hide the history of the region,” Hussein said. “Our goal from holding this exhibition is to convey our voice to the concerned authorities so that they stop the construction work of the dam and maintain the historical treasure of the town.”

Due to its strategically location, Hasankeyf was home for all the empires which reigned the region; the Medes (625-550 B.C), the Persians (550-331 B.C), the Macedonians (331 B.C), the Parthians (140 B.C), Armenia under the reign of Tigranes the Great (85 B.C), the Romans (69 B.C), the Sassanid Persians (226 AD.) and later home for Byzantines and Muslims. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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