Mortar shell hit primary school in Damascus



ARA News

Damascus, Syria– On Wednesday, a school child was reported dead and fifty others injured due to the fall of a mortar shell on a primary school in Bab Touma in the old city of Damascus. 

Ahmad Sabbagh, a local activist based in Damascus city, told ARA News that the mortar shell fell in the backyard of al-Manar primary school, resulting in the death of a school child and the injury of fifty others.

Sabbagh added that the wounded were taken to a nearby hospital in the city.

“A state of panic spread among the local residents who were shocked by the number of injuries among the school children and the material damages caused by the mortar shell,” Sabbagh said.   

In a similar context, five other school children were injured on Tuesday due to the fall of a mortar shell on Mar Elias Church in al-Dweylah neighbourhood in Damascus city. The injured children were taken to the governmental hospital of a-Mujtahid. 


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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