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Amude, Syria− Scarcity of medicines is one of the main burdens on the shoulders of people in many places in Syria, including but not limited to, Amude city. Those who are in need for medicines on daily basis, like diabetes and hypertension patients, suffer the most under the conditions of the ongoing crisis. 

Jalal, a resident of Amude in his fifties, needs blood thinners every day, which is currently difficult to find.

“Beside the sharp shortage, the high prices of medicines in pharmacies constitute an additional burden,” Jalal told ARA News

Speaking to ARA News, the pharmacist and head of the Medical Association in Amude city, Hussein Sido, said: “Medicine is gradually provided in pharmacies now. However, the way it arrives to our region (northeast of Syria) and the lack of inspection, amid the absence of governmental institutions and security vacuum, are behind these high prices.” 

Rashad Ahmed, a pharmacist in Amude, to ARA News: “Today, medicine is 60% available comparing with the past months. Some pharmacies monopolize missing drugs, which raises their prices. Moreover, some medicines are transferred to warehouses by plane, which raises 56% of the price.”  

“Some medicine factories were closed due to the current conflict,” he added 

According to Ahmed, some alternative drugs have recently appeared in the medicine market in Syria.

“However, the unfamiliarity with the pharmaceutical components of these drugs causes confusion among people,” Ahmed said. 

Pharmacist Omar Ouje also talked to ARA News emphasizing that the increasing prices constitute a problem both for the patients and the pharmacists.

“In addition, the doctor or the patient may ask for a certain kind of medicine that cannot be provided,” Ouje said.

“At the end of the day, patients are obliged to buy medicines regardless of the price. Otherwise, they will most likely resort to the alternative drugs.”  


Reporting by: Beshwa Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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