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Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – “Nirin is a non-governmental civil, relief, humanitarian, social, cultural organization. Most of its staff are volunteers with humanitarian prompts to assist refugees in any part of the world. It was established on 16 January 2013 in Iraqi Kurdistan,” As defined to ARA News by Ali Kocher, a member in the organization’s board of directors.

Kocher added, “This organization is interested in helping all refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan wherever they came from, regardless of their nationalities or religions. What draws our attention most is the quality of assistance we provide to those refugees.”

According to Kocher, the organization funding depends on the “generosity of some governments, organizations and communities in other countries”. “We coordinate and guide them to the places and conditions of the refugees,” he added.

Kocher pointed out the organization’s activities in Iraqi Kurdistan since September, 2013:

In Erbil, “the organization held a campaign to collect milk cans for the Syrian children. We collected a thousand milk can and sent them to Syria from Feshkhabour.”

In Dihok, “we sent 22 tons of milk to Domiz camp collected by the Syrian community in Belgium, and 15 tons of food items to Hasakah, Syria.  We graduated 130 students in a Kurdish language course. We also held numerous raising awareness trainings in the refugee camp.”

In Zaxo, “we distributed detergents to 850 families in coordination with ‘Save the Children’ organization. We also coordinated with ‘Harikar’ organization to support Syrian refugees financially. They supported around 600 families, granting a sum of 400-600 USD for each family.”

Kocher asked the organization to establish some instant projects, such as a kindergarten for 1-6 year-old children, raising-awareness courses, sewing and fashion designing courses, and other small projects such as building and carpentry workshops, men and women hair dressing salons, fast food restaurant, women hairdressing training and a musical artistic project.”

Nirin organization has branches in Hawler, Dihok, Zaxo, Simele, Msirik, Dar Shokran and Domiz in Iraqi Kurdistan, and in Derik/ al Malikiyeh, Qamishlo/al Qamishli and Hasakah in northeast of Syria.


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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