Pro-Assad forces attack FSA-held area in Damascus



ARA News

Damascus, Syria− Three members of the regime forces were killed and several others were injured on Thursday owing to clashes with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) and some Islamic groups in Darayya town in the Western Ghouta of Damascus countryside.

Yazan Ibrahim, an acticist based in Damascus, told ARA News that the clashed broke out north of the FSA-held city of Darayya between the regime forces (backed by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia and some Iraqi fighters) on one hand, and militants from Islam Martyrs Brigade and the FSA on the other.

“Three members of the regime forces were killed and several others were injured,” Ibrahim said. 

In a relevant context, the civil activist Ahmad Sabagh told ARA News: “A civilian was killed by a mortar in al-Tijara neighbourhood in central Damascus on Thursday.”

Meanwhile, the regime forces carried out arresting raid in Barzeh Housing in northern Damascus.

Speaking to ARA News from Damascus, activist Amani al-Sheikh said that one civilian was killed and twenty others were injured due to as a mortar shell hit Jaramana district in Damascus suburb.


Reporting by: Jewad al Ali    

Source: ARA News


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