Violence hit Christian area in Damascus


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Damascus, Syria− At least three civilians were killed and several others were injured on Saturday by mortar fire in the neighbourhood of Dwella in the Damascus city.  

Activists in Damascus told ARA News that the mortar fire hit a bus stop near ‘Mar Paulos’ church in Dwella, killing three civilians in a public transport vehicle and injuring a number of others in the neighbourhood −where Christians constitute a majority.

Meanwhile, clashes renewed between the pro-Assad military forces and opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Jobar neighbourhood, east of capital Damascus.

“The clashes continued in Jobar amid artillery shelling by the regime forces on the neighbourhood,” said Jazan Ibrahim, an activist based in Damascus. 

Activists also reported that at least 15 civilians were killed on Saturday morning in the FSA-held town of Bayt Sehm in Damascus suburb, as the town was hit with mortar and heavy artillery by the regime forces, who targeted the town from their military bases in the nearby areas of Sayida Zainab and Sahba.

“Casualties were moved to a field hospital in the town,” Ahmad Sabbagh, media activist, reported to ARA News from Damascus.  

This shelling took place despite the armistice which was signed between the regime forces and rebel groups earlier this year. 

Noteworthy, FSA rebels in towns of Bayt Sehm, Bebbila and Yilda, in Damascus environs, have signed an armistice with the regime forces, stipulating the withdrawal of these forces to the precincts of these towns and halt the military operations between the two sides. In addition, fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) agreed on delivering their heavy weapons and establish joint checkpoints with the regime forces on the precincts. However, regime forces violated this armistice more than once since the beginning of 2014.


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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