Fresh surge of violence hit Lebanese Tripoli, scores dead


ARA News 

Beirut, Lebanon – On Saturday, Lebanese security sources said that two Lebanese soldiers were reported dead in clashes with Islamist militants in the northern city of Tripoli, while the Lebanese army was trying to repel the militants who took the Old City as a stronghold. 

According to the same sources, Lebanese soldiers exchanged fire heavily with unidentified Islamists on Saturday morning, advancing towards the insurgent positions in the afternoon.

“Three soldiers were wounded in sporadic clashes when the Islamist gunmen opened fire on a military vehicle of the Lebanese Army in Bahnin village (northern Lebanon), while another soldier was killed during the incident,” Lebanese security sources reported. 

In Tripoli, at least two gunmen were killed while six Lebanese soldiers were wounded, two of whom were reported dead on Saturday evening. 

In the meantime, the Lebanese Ministry of Defence emphasized its determination to pursue the militants, saying “we will eliminate those terrorists from our land”. 

The city of Tripoli, located 30 miles from the Syrian border, has experienced similar incidents during the last few months.

According to observers, the current security problems in Lebanon are directly related to the ongoing civil war in neighboring Syria. 

Tripoli is considered one of the major strongholds of Islamist Salafists in Lebanon who are fighting the Lebanese army under the pretext that the latter works with the Shiite militia of Hezbollah, which in turn supports the Syrian regime in its war against the Syrian opposition forces. 


Reporting by: Salman Mohammed

Source: ARA News

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