Barzani willing to send more Peshmerga forces to Kobane


President Masoud Barzani

ARA News

Qamishlo, Syria – President of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani stated on the occasion of sending Peshmerga forces to the city of Kobane in northern Syria that, “Assisting our siblings in Kobane is a national duty.”

On Thursday, Barzani pointed out that sending assistance directly was difficult due to the distance and siege of Kobane, which pushed Iraqi Kurdistan to invest huge efforts with the Friends of Syria to prevent the fall of Kobane in the hands of “terrorists” .

Describing the Islamic State’s violent attacks against Iraqi Kurdistan and Western Kurdistan (Kurdish region in Syria), Barzani said, “These aggressive attacks show that terrorist are not only religious extremist, but also ethnic extremists; that is why they targeted the Kurdish people.” 

Barzani expressed his pride that Kurds in both Iraqi Kurdistan and Syrian Kurdistan united to defend themselves against terrorism. 

He also pointed out the efficiency and importance of the US-led Coalition’s airstrikes as well as KRG military assistance sent on American aircrafts to Kobane’s fighters in hampering IS attacks.

“Sending Peshmerga to Kobane could not have happened without Turkey’s approval and the U.S. coordination to exert pressure on the latter to allow this,” Barzani added.

Political activist Sherwan Ibrahim told ARA News “Peshmerga interference is a perfect political and military solution to save Kobane, and this indicates Barzani’s significant role in the region.”

As Barzani concluded, “Peshmerga sent to Kobane is only a supporting force and we will send more if required. We are proud that Peshmerga forces defend a village, a city or even Kurdistan itself. We are proud to be fighting the most brutal terrorist group on behalf of the whole humanity.”

Reporting by: Dilshad Mohammed

Source: ARA News       

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