Kurdish forces control ISIS supply route near Kobane


Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga prepare for anti-IS clashes. File photo

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – The Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) –backed by the Peshmerga– were able to block the main supply route of the Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS) militants near the embattled Syrian border city of Kobane on Wednesday. 

Military sources of the YPG told ARA News that the Kurdish fighters blocked the main supply road “used by the IS group to bring military reinforcements to Kobane”. 

“Our forces, in coordination with the Peshmerga, gained control of the road in southeastern Kobane yesterday evening, and this way we were able to cut off the main supply route of the terrorists,” a member of the YPG’s Media Center said.

The road, which links Kobane with the village of Hilinj to southeast, was primarily used by the group to transfer ammunition and weapons, as well as fighters, to the front lines of battles against Kurdish forces. 

Seizing the vital route of the IS extremists is considered one of the major accomplishments of the Kurdish forces in Kobane, following nearly 50 days of conflict. 


Reporting by: Gohdar Temmo

Source: ARA News

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