Students suffer the most in ISIS-held Mosul


A middle-school reopening its gates in Mosul following the control of the Islamic State over the province. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Kurdistan region – The Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS) Office of Education in Mosul released a circular demanding all school students in the province wear Afghan attire as a uniform.

A statement issued Thursday by the radical group also prevents Mosul’s students from traveling to the city of Kirkuk (controlled by the Kurdish Peshmerga forces) where they’re expected to perform preliminary examinations.

The majority of parents in Mosul, northwestern Iraq, were reportedly reluctant to send their children to school before making sure of the nature of instructions given by the IS militant group –which has controlled the area since last June.

Female students harassed by militants  

A female teacher in Mosul (on the condition of anonymity) told ARA News that the militants enter the schools to inspect the Afghan uniforms, “spending a long time there to ensure implementation of the IS-linked Office of Education”. 

“Many parents have forced their daughters to leave school because of the IS restrictions and for fear of militants harassing female students, investigating them under the pretext of obtaining information about their parents,” the source said.

The teacher pointed out that the foreign members of the IS radical group “are more dangerous than local militants, for they are ignorant of the social customs in the area”.

“There are several incidents reported about Tunisian, Egyptian and Saudi militants of the group harassing female students in Mosul,” she said. 

Mohammed Abu Issa, one of Mosul residents and father of two school girls, told ARA News that the IS patrols also harass married couples in public places, demanding that they carry their marriage contract with them. 

“Other patrols, the so-called al-Hisba, are allocated for watching our daughters at the doors of universities in order to abuse them,” Issa said. 

Iraqi Ministry of Education to compensate 

Amid the currently deteriorating educational conditions and the displacement of thousands of students to other IS-free Iraqi areas, the Iraqi MP Nahla Hussein Alhbabi announced on Thursday the approval of the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education to grant new facilities to university students “to be able to continue their studies, after the control of the IS terrorists over some Iraqi areas and its institutions”. 

Al-hbabi’s statement raised the anger of the Islamic State group, which in turn imposed blockade on all entrances and exists of Mosul to prevent civilians’ movement, especially students.

According to the IS-linked Office of Education, any student leaving the “borders of the state of Mosul” will be accused of betrayal to the Islamic State and cooperation with the rival forces of the Peshmerga, “and will be severely punished”. 


Reporting by: Sarbaz Yusuf

Source: ARA News

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