De Mistura gains international support for his Syrian peace plan


Rebel fighters walk through ruins of residential buildings in Aleppo. File photo

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Aleppo, Syria – The United Nations peace envoy to Syria, Steffan de Mistura, said that an international decision will be issued by the Security Council to support his plan of freezing the fighting in war-torn city of Aleppo.

In a press statement on Friday, de Mistura said that the plan, which will be based on the UN resolution, will include suspension of all military operations in Aleppo.

After a wave of critiques by opposition activists about his initiative regarding possible advances by pro-Assad forces in Aleppo if the plan is implemented, de Mistura emphasized that the Syrian regime will not be given the chance to exploit the situation in its favor.  

The U.N. special envoy, who is visiting Brussels to meet foreign ministers of the European Union to seek support for his plan, is expected to visit Damascus in the next few days to inform Syrian regime officials on the outcomes of his meetings with the armed opposition officials, which took place in the Turkish city of Gaziantep last week.

He said that all international, regional and local parties whom he met are convinced that the conflict in Syria is only mounting the hardships of the Syrian people, and therefore there must be a formula to show that there is no military solution for the crisis and the only way out is through a political dialogue. 

De Mistura explained that the plan, which will be presented to officials of the Syrian regime during the next few hours by a delegate who is present in Syria, will include the cessation of all military operations and activities of the Syrian regime along with the cessation redeployment of troops.

“Then there will be immediate facilitation for the entry of humanitarian aid to the parties on both sides of Aleppo,” he added.

Speaking about the Russian efforts to play a major role in resolving the Syrian crisis, de Mistura said that such efforts could be complementary to his plan and facilitate the procedures, taking into account the Russian influence on the Assad regime. 

How about people’s opinions in Aleppo?

Speaking to ARA News in Aleppo regarding de Mistura’s plan, political activist Mahmoud Abed said that despite the severe humanitarian situation in Aleppo, a large proportion of the population in the opposition-held areas are opposing this initiative, which ــ according to themــ might be an opportunity for the regime “to rearrange its cards”. 

“In Aleppo, we are almost sure that this regime, which benefited from previous truces over the past three years, could have a big chance to spread its control over the city (Aleppo) following the implementation of de Mistura’s plan. It will do the same in order to strengthen its crumbling forces inside and around the city,” Abed said. “We call on the rebel leaders in the city to be cautious about this initiative.” 


Reporting by: Mohammed al-Shami

Source: ARA News

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