ISIS female militants target ‘uncommitted’ Syrian women


ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – The IS-linked women battalion of Al-Khansa in Raqqa province, northeastern Syria, arrested dozens of Syrian women under charges of no-commitment to the traditional Islamic dress imposed by the Islamic State radical group (IS/ISIS), local activists reported.

A women based in Raqqa talked to ARA News under the condition of anonymity, saying that dozens of women have been arrested by Al-Khansa battalion in the province last week.

“My (female) neighbor was captured by the IS-linked militants for uncovering her face while shopping,” she said.  

The arrested woman was held in custody for one night.

“After her release, she stressed that several militants raped her that night. She couldn’t face her husband afterwards,” the Raqqa-based source said. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that the IS-linked Al-Khansa battalion arrested several women in Raqqa last week. The detainees were held in al-Jumaila detention center in the city of Raqqa. 

Al-Khansa members were backed by patrols of al-Hisba –a security organization formed by IS radical group to pursue civil affairs in areas of control. 

In the meantime, the IS extremists executed two young men in the town of Suluk in eastern Syria, eyewitnesses reported.

Sami Almani and Abdulrazzaq Sultan were beheaded in public on Sunday on charges of “insulting Prophet Muhammed”, activists reported. 


Reporting by: Redwan Bizar

Source: ARA News

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  1. jacob says:

    this twisted relogion by so called mohammed disrespects women. mohammed will give 7 virgins to the daesh rats when they meet him in hell. hail crusader army.

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