ISIS militants stone two Syrians to death on charges of ‘adultery’


ISIS militants used to execute people in public.File photo

ARA News

Damascus, Syria – On Saturday, militant of the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) stoned a man and a woman to death on charges of “committing adultery”, sources in the Syrian city of Manbij reported. 

“They were both stoned to death in front of a crowd of people in central Manbij in Aleppo province on Saturday,” M. D., a media activist in the city told ARA News on the phone. 

The radical group published pictures of the stoning of the two victims, claiming that the victims confessed they had committed adultery.

Commenting on the incident, Syrian journalist Ahmad al-Shibli told ARA News: “The IS terrorists are showing the world the most brutal acts every day. Civilians are terrified and helpless under the domination of this radical group. It is very painful to see the same tragedy taking place over and over.”

Al-Shibli added that the IS  group intentionally executes people in public to deepen the state of panic among civilians and guarantee their submission. 


Reporting by: Adel Hassan

Source: ARA News

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