Car bomb attacks hit YPG and Nusra checkpoints in Aleppo


Kurdish YPG fighters resting at a checkpoint near Afrin, northwestern Syria. File photo

ARA News

Afrin, Syria – On Saturday, a car bomb attack hits a security checkpoint of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Qitma junction (located between the city of Azaz and the city of Afrin) in the province of Aleppo, in northern Syria.

The attack caused the death of five people, including three fighters of the YPG and two civilians, in addition to the injury of two YPG fighters and one civilian. 

Speaking to ARA News in Afrin, Kurdish journalist Sevin Barkho said that a huge explosion hit the YPG’s checkpoint in the village of Qitma, one of the last YPG’s barriers in the area.

“The injured were transferred to Afrin’s hospital. At least four people killed in the attack, while three others are injured and transferred to a medical center in the city of Afrin,” Barkho said. 

In the meantime, a similar explosion hit one of al-Nusra Front’s checkpoint near Azaz on Saturday morning. The city of Azaz is under the control of the Islamic Front’s rebels and al-Nusra fighters. 

“Five casualties were reported in the Azaz attack, while dozens others wounded,” local sources told ARA News.

According to observers, Saturday’s attack on Afrin-Azaz road are likely linked to the current happenings in the vicinity of the Shi’ite villages of Nubl and Zahra, as the Nusra fighters are fighting against regime forces to take control of both strategic villages in the countryside of Aleppo. 

Last week, the YPG-held checkpoint of Qitma was exposed to another car bomb attack, when four YPG fighters were reported killed along with two civilians.


Reporting by: Jinda Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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