Istanbul police under attack


Police officers stand guard at the scene of a bomb blast in Istanbul January 6, 2015. A suicide bomber blew herself up inside a police station in Istanbul's historic Sultanahmet district on Tuesday, killing one officer and wounding another, the city's governor and Turkish media said. Photo: Reuters

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – Turkish security forces in Istanbul announced that a police station in al-Fatih district was exposed to a suicide attack. 

Security officials said that an unidentified woman carried out a suicide attack  at the al-Fatih police station, causing the injury of two policemen and three civilians. 

Eyewitnesses told ARA News that a woman wearing an explosive belt blew herself up near the police station in the historic Sultanahmet tourist area, wounding two policemen, one of whom died after being transferred to the hospital. 

“Three civilians passing by were injured in the attack.” 

In the meantime, the Turkish security forces surrounded the area after the accident and prevented citizens from approaching the site, fearing the possibility of other explosions.

After the explosion, Wasib Shaheen, Istanbul’s alderman, told reporters that the authorities couldn’t identify the woman who had carried out the terrorist attack.  

“One of the police station guards died after being transferred to the hospital,” he said.

However, the Turkish security and criminal justice units, who started conducting investigations about the incident on Tuesday evening, are reportedly trying to uncover circumstances related to the similar suicide attack which took place days ago near the Palace of “Dolma Bahtchi” in the Beshiktas district in central Istanbul.


Reporting by: Mohammed Nasser

Source: ARA News

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