Kurdistan Region condemns PKK’s announcement of autonomy in Shingal


Military vehicles pass by a checkpoint manned by the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters, on the highway near Shingal. File photo

ARA News

Kilis, Turkey – Iraqi Kurdistan’s Council of Ministers announced Saturday their rejection to the PKK’s (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) decision of establishing a canton in the district of Shingal (where the Yezidi minority reside), considering this step as “illegal” and counter to the constitution and laws of Kurdistan and Iraq.

The PKK’s plan is to found and run a so-called “Democratic Auto-Administration” in Shingal.

In its statement, the council expressed gratitude to all fighters of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) ــ who helped the Peshmerga to rescue the Kurds who were displaced from the Sinjar area during the Islamic State group’s (IS/ISIS) attack.

“However, politically, the PKK’s attempt to announce the establishment of an autonomous Sinjar (Shingal) on January14, 2015, is an illegal action and contradicts the constitution and laws of the Kurdistan Region and Iraq,” the council’s statement read.

“Such an interference in the internal affairs of the Kurdistan Regionis completely unacceptable,” the Council of Ministers said.  

“The PKK should stop treating the Yezidi area of Shingal with such a partisan mentality. Such a position will cause political and administrative tensions.

Speaking to ARA News in this regard, political activist Zaradasht Issa said: “Before talking about the Declaration of Shingal Canton, it is important to question the PKK about its enthusiasm towards Shingal area”. 

“Why did the PKK push its members to Shingal? The answer is linked to the peace agreement between the Turkish government and the PKK leadership, which President Massoud Barzani is aware of this.”

Issa pointed out that the success of the Turkish-PKK Peace Agreement requires securing a break for veterans who are coming from the Qandil Mountains, “and show some unrealistic achievements for these veterans”. 

“This announcement is to cover up the crashing fall of Qandil’s (PKK’s) leaders; it’s temporary,” he added.

In a related development, the military commander of the Peshmerga forces in Mount Shingal, Qasim Shesho, condemned the PKK’s announcement in Shingal (Sinjar), pointing out that the PKK cannot claim representation of the Yezidi Kurds.


Source: ARA News

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