Dozens of civilian casualties reported in ISIS-led attack in Syria’s Homs


An explosion in Homs kills and injures dozens of civilians. File photo

ARA News 

DAMASCUS – The extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for a bomb attack that killed at least 20 people in the regime-held Syrian city of Homs. 

ISIS said in a statement on Saturday that one of its jihadists has detonated a car loaded with explosives in al-Zahra neighborhood in the city of Homs.

The explosion has killed some 20 people and wounded at least 70 others, some of them are in critical conditions.

“Abu Ahmed al-Homsi parked his car in the Zahra neighbourhood and exploded it among the ‘rafidis’ before detonating his explosive belt,” the group said in a statement. 

The radical group uses the term ‘rafidis’ in reference to Shia Muslims. 

Syrian security officials said the vehicle used by ISIS in the attack was loaded with some 150 kilograms of explosives, state agency Sana reported on Saturday evening. 

The radical group has been expanding in the countryside of Homs, trying to reach the city where Syrian army forces are heavily deployed.

The ISIS-led deadly attack comes only few days after Syrian rebel fighters evacuated Homs following a ceasefire deal with the regime.

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi 

Source: ARA News 

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