ISIS militants execute Muslim preacher for insulting al-Baghdadi


Miitants of the Islamic State are seen roaming across the city of Mosul in the northwestern Iraqi province of Nineveh. File photo

ARA News

ERBIL – Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) executed on Monday a Muslim preacher in the city of Mosul in Iraq’s northwestern province of Nineveh, on charges of ‘corrupting the youth’.

Mahmoud Hassan al-Hayalli, preacher and Imam of the Nouri mosque in Mosul, was convicted by the ISIS-led Sharia Court for denying the legitimacy of the group’s alleged Caliphate. 

“The Imam al-Hayalli refused to recognize Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as a Caliph on Muslims, and considered ISIS militants non-Muslims for executing peaceful people, which he considered a violation to true Sharia,” a family member of the victim told ARA News.

“He was a man of principle that’s why they executed him,” the source said, preferring to stay anonymous. 

According to a statement by the Sharia Court, al-Hayalli was “corrupting Muslim youth” during his speeches in the Nouri mosque every Friday. 

The Imam was arrested in his house last week in a raid by ISIS militants. He was shot dead on Monday in front of hundreds of people in the Bab al-Toub square in central Mosul. 

Reporting by: Sarbaz Yousef

Source: ARA News

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