Thousands of Syrians return home in Damascus under ceasefire


Displaced people return to the Damascus suburb of Moadamiyet al-Sham in an earlier ceasefire agreement between rebels and Syrian army. File photo

ARA News

DAMASCUS – More than 4,000 civilians returned to the neighborhood of al-Qadam south of the Syrian capital Damascus as part of ceasefire between regime forces and Islamists, activists reported on Wednesday.

The return of the displaced families to al-Qadam neighborhood comes after more than a year of a ceasefire agreement between pro-regime troops and insurgents. 

“Hundreds of families were seen entering al-Qadam on Wednesday, after years of displacement,” media activist Iyad al-Shami told ARA News in Damascus. 

According to the agreement, that was reached in August 2014, the residents were allowed to return only after the rebuilding of the infrastructure in the neighborhood. 

It was also agreed that Syrian army forces withdraw from the stresses of al-Qadam, and limiting their presence only to some security checkpoints in the vicinity of the neighborhood.

Reporting by: Laila Majdalawi

Source: ARA News

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